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About us...
In July 2010 Krith Consultancy is established as an one-man company by Willem Zuyderduyn. Krith is young independent company, based on 25 years of technical experience.

Knowledge and experience
In the year 1991 Willem Zuyderduyn became Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, at the Delft University of Technology. His field of study was the mechanics of Fiber Reinforced Plastics. During the graduation he did field work at the Research Centre of DSM Resins Zwolle. Besides the mechanical application technics, a lot of chemical aspects were part of the study.

During the next years Willem held technical positions at different plastic processing companies. A lot of knowledge and experience was picked up about technical aspects, chemical aspects, expenses and organisation of projects with fiber reinforced plastics.
This knowledge was picked up at:

Paul Roodnat BV (IJmuiden, The Netherlands): production
Deen Polyester Constructies BV (Emmeloord, The Netherlands): Chief Engineering
Polynorm Kunststoffen BV (Roosendaal, The Netherlands): manager laboratory and chief SMC-production plant
Ocrietfabriek BV (Eembrugge, The Netherlands) : R&D manager
Poly Products BV (Werkendam, The Netherlands): sales/project manager
Engiplast BV (Vlissingen, The Netherlands): project manager

From 2005 Willem Zuyderduyn gives guest lectures at higher and intermediate education, and courses about plastic materials and processing.

Furthermore Willem Zuyderduyn has valid certificates for safety (VOL-VCA), working with independent breathening, gas measuring, driving licence, boatmasters certificate and first aid.

Willem is married since 1991 with Anja and he is the proud father of three great daughters.
A deep rooted Christian view of life is the base of all his work and life.
In his leisure time, Willem Zuyderduyn is busy with bushcrafting, hiking and canoeing. He likes to share his affection of the nature of the Biesbosch wetlands by others with his unique 11 persons canadian canoe. Sincs 2003 these activities are formalized in the "hobby company" Antag (

The company name "Krith"
The point of origin of the name Krith you can find in the story of 1 Kings 17 from the Bible. Krith is the Dutch translation of the brook Cherith. This is the name of the wady where the profet Elijah hides himself to escape from the anger of king Ahab. Elijah got the promise of God that he would find food and water overthere, althougth there had not fallen any rain for years. The name Krith wants to render this trust in God.

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